Most marketing firms want to control all of your outsourced marketing activity. Whitewater Marketing is NOT most marketing firms.

Yes, there are good reasons for unifying outsourced marketing with a single agency -- cohesion, ease of management, brand and message synerygy, and more. But we understand you have existing relationships. Internal resources. Budget fluctuations. Seasonal demand. That's why we're structured to fit your business model and fill ONLY the holes you need filled.

We successfully work with different clients who have very different requirements. We fill them all: 

  • Temporary bandwidth
  • Strategic or tactical expertise
  • Special projects
  • Turnkey

What can we help you with?

Brand Identity. Branding is more than just pretty pictures and beautiful design. Aesthetics must be grounded in a Brand Promise, Brand Attributes and a Brand Personality that are compelling, believable and differentiating. We'll help you begin with first principles so your messages have more impact and your brand builds long-term impact.

Database / CRM. The cliche in retail: "3 most important things are 'location, location, location.'" In business-to-business marketing, the 3 most important things are 'data, data, data.' Whitewater Marketing develops demand and lead generation campaigns that drive results while building your CRM, Marketing Automation, and/or Sales Automation databases.

Demand Generation. Are you operating under the old "sales cycle" model? We're expert at transforming your outdated "push" approach into a "pull" methodolgy that syncs with the reality of today's "buying process." The result is greater visibility into your true pipeline plus more inquiries, more leads, and higher conversions.

Direct Mail. If you're still sending postcards to prospects, you're throwing money down the toilet. Targeted, personalized mailings with unique formats and customized offers (see "data, data, data" above) are crucial to driving attractive response rates and positive ROI. We'll help you spend wisely in this expensive -- but still viable -- media channel.

Email Marketing. Are you differentiating your top-of-funnel email campaigns from conversion email campaigns? Are you communicating real value to existing customers, or merely nagging them with "Ready to buy now?" messages? Is A/B testing a boon or a bust for your prospect base? We'll help you answer these questions and turn up the horsepower on your email marketing so you don't become a routine "delete" for customers and prospects. Or worse: a nuisance destined to be designated "spam."

Google AdWords. AdWords spending is often the most expensive (and out-of-control) facet of business-to-business advertising budgets. Explore how re-marketing strategies can focus your spending on more-likely prospects. The payoff? Higher ROI instead of costly clicks that drain marketing dollars.

Landing Pages. If your idea of a landing page is the "Contact Us" page on your website, we can help you deploy killer landing pages that 1) boost response rates, 2) improve measurement so you know which campaigns are working and 3) let you continuously improve ROI.

Lead Generation. Looking to beef up your lead funnel? Whitewater Marketing can help you efficiently deploy tried-and-true tactics as well as develop innovative new methods to get prospects to find you (instead of your compeition) and engage. 

Marketing Automation. We have experience with all major platforms and can provide start-up assistance, addiional expertise, or incremental bandwidth to help you maximize the effectiveness of your MA efforts.

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